Bonded Bead Cavity Insulation

The Bonded Bead Cavity Insulation installed by Complete Insulation Services is "ECO Bead", manufactured locally by Kingspan Energy.

Bead Insulation Services

The two examples below are typical of most homes:

Example 1 - No Insulation in your Cavity Walls - If your home is not insulated and you have a 75mm (3 inch) cavity, bonded bead can reduce heat loss through the walls by up to 80%.

Example 2 - 50mm of Aeroboard insulation in your Cavity Wall - If your home has a 100mm (4 inch) cavity currently insulated with 50mm of Aeroboard, topping up the cavity with Eco Bead can reduce heat loss through the walls by as much as 45%.

All the work is completed from outside you home.  Internal furniture and fittings are not affected.

Bead: Eco Bead

Manufacturer: Kingspan Energy, Askeaton, Co Limerick

Thermal Conductivity: 0.035W/mK