Insulation Grants

The purpose of Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland's, "Better Energy Homes Scheme" is to offer an incentive to reduce energy consumption through insulation or heating system improvement.

Home Insulation Grants

The following is a brief outline of the Grant Scheme. For full information concerning the Better Energy Homes Scheme - Insulation Grants, refer to Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland's WEB Site

The following Grants are Available if appropriate, for all houses in the Republic of Ireland built before 2006. No matter if it is your principle residence, a rental property or holiday home.

Better Energy Homes is a Government scheme which gives fixed cash grants for insulation and heating system upgrades, helping to make your home more comfortable and cheaper to run. It is available to all owners of homes built before 2006. In March 2015 higher grant values and bonus payments were introduced and the scheme is now available for previous applicants to get additional works completed.

What grants are available?

Insulation Attic €300
Wall - Cavity €300
Wall - Internal Dry Lining
Apartment (any) or Mid-terrace House €1,200
Semi-detached or End of Terrace €1,800
Detached House €2,400
Wall - External
Apartment (any) or Mid-terrace House €2,250
Semi-detached or End of Terrace €3,400
Detached House €4,500
Heating System
Heating Controls with Boiler €700
(Oil or Gas) Upgrade
Heating Controls Upgrade only €600
Solar Heating €1,200
Bonus Grant
For 3rd measure €300
For 4th measure €100
Building Energy Rating (BER) €50

How to apply?

Grant approval must be in place before any works commence. For a speedy application and immediate approval, apply online at

You will need your:

  • Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN) which you will find on your electricity bill
  • Bank details
  • E-mail address
  • Chosen registered contractor from the SEAI Registered Contractor List
Alternatively you may apply using our postal application form which is available by:

calling 1850 927 000 or online at

Kingspan Retrofit can apply for the above grants on your behalf This means:
  1. There is less paper work.
  2. You do not have to wait for the grant to be paid.
  3. In addition to the “Better Energy Homes Scheme” grants you will also receive an “Incentive Scheme Bonus” from Kingspan Retrofit
Complete Insulation Services will guide you through all your options and answer any questions you may have.

Before any work commences you must apply for grant approval. You will not receive a grant for work carried out before an application for grant approval is made. To apply for grant approval an application can be made "on line" at, or COMPLETE INSULATION SERVICES CAN ARRANGE YOUR GRANT FOR YOU

Compulsory BER Assessment

When all insulation work is complete an Approved BER Assessor must carry out a Building Energy Rating assessment of your home. Please note, if the assessment is not carried out you will not receive an insulation grant. A grant of €50.00 is available for the BER Assessment.